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Creative Workspaces

General information on renting a creative space.

Usually, creative spaces are available in less attractive locations in or around cities, the future destination of the buildings is uncertain and/or the expected lease term is limited or very flexible. The locations are often offered by vacant property managers such as AdHoc, Camelot and VPS. The tenants or users are self-employed, freelancers or small businesses and pay a low rent. The average notice period is about 2 to 8 weeks.

In addition, there are also collective buildings with affordable spaces that are available on a structural or long-term basis and where a close-knit community of creative entrepreneurs develops who know each other well, work together and help each other with assignments. These buildings often stand out both inside and out because of their industrial character, creative design, homemade furniture and use of colour to which the tenants themselves have contributed.

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Office solutions that grow with your business. Contracts from 3 months, terminable monthly or extendable as your business grows.

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Work spaces with creative office design

A third category of creative office spaces is actually high-quality in terms of appearance and amenities. Centrally located, easily accessible by car, bicycle and public. These office locations are not cheap or temporarily available. But more expensive and available for the long term. What makes the office spaces creative or gives them a creative look are mostly the agencies housed there. Architects, marketing, communications, web development, agencies etc. Companies that are (or have become) big successful brands themselves or work for big brands or clients and try to create a working environment through a creative design with all kinds of attractive facilities where their employees, mostly (young) talent, want to come. A good healthy lunch is often reserved and there are sports and leisure facilities.

One such space from the third category, Co-Office is currently developing at Schiekade 34. In WYERS BUILDING NO.34, an office floor with office units, flex work spaces, bell rooms, meeting rooms, a boardroom and a roof terrace will soon open. The look and décor are inspired by MadMen the series about the marketing agency on Madison Square avenue in New York in the 1960s. Something for you perhaps?

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