Rotterdam-based Co-Office & Amsterdam-based OUR-Office are set to merge.

Rotterdam-based Co-Office & Amsterdam-based OUR-Office merge. Together, the real estate companies operate eight office locations in and around the suburbs. Under the Co-Office banner, the range of quality and flexible office solutions continues to expand.

The entrepreneurs behind the office concepts are Willem de Klerk and Gijs van Dijk. They know each other from when they worked together as employers and employees at Workspot. Joining forces brings together knowledge, expertise and network. Earlier this year, the parties already reached an agreement, and as of July 1, they are moving forward together. Besides synergy benefits, the main motivation for this move is to experience even more pleasure in developing office concepts for clients.

Merger of Co-Office and Our-Office

Office solutions that grow with your business.

The demand for hybrid office solutions, small office units and meeting rooms where people can and do meet (again) continues to grow. Co-Office stands out in the office market for its personal contact with all of its tenants. To ensure that personal attention, we are expanding our offerings selectively and incrementally.

Two new locations will open this fall. In Rotterdam 1800 m2 at Schiekade and in Amsterdam 1000 m2 at Bos en Lommerplein also known as the Bridge Building above the A10 West ring road. Both locations will be furnished with all the necessary amenities expected of a contemporary office environment, such as quality coffee, fiber optic Internet, smart locks, call areas, meeting rooms and place for relaxation. Co-Office locations are characterized by their own unique layout, identity and positioning. Tailored to the building, site and environment, we activate a location with vision. Within the office concept, space is primarily provided for tenants to express their own identity. You won’t see the Co-Office logo inside, if at all.

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