What are office concepts?
Are flexible office concepts the future?

An office concept is also referred to as an office formula. A concept offers additional services that you don’t have if you rent a bare space in a multi-tenant business building. In addition, it often has a close-knit community of entrepreneurial tenants, something business centers often lack.

What are office concepts? What is the meaning and definition of an office concept?

An office concept is a (part) of an office building where user experience and ease of use for the tenant is central. This is a luxury(er) version of a multi-tenant business building in which all the necessary office facilities have already been arranged for you.

What are the benefits of office concepts?

Within an office concept, different office solutions are often available such as flex work spaces, office rooms, call rooms and meeting rooms. Amenities such as reception, office furniture, internet, coffee, printing, cleaning, etc. are all part of the concept and are arranged by the operator or landlord. You pay a fixed monthly price for the use of the office solution and facilities. Contracts are usually very flexible.

Why or when to go for an office concept?

If you don’t want the hassle of arranging office facilities, want to be able to quickly start, terminate or just expand as your business or the number of employees grows, then an office concept is really for your business or organization.

The future of office concepts?

Office concepts are the future. Companies are increasingly looking for flexible workspaces and functional workspaces with all the conveniences. Available when needed and for rent on flexible contracts.

Wondering if an office concept is for your business or organizations?

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