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What is a business center?
An explanation and the greatest benefits.

In a business center, just like in a multi-company building, several companies are housed in one building. The landlord maintains a high level of service and a wide range of services, thus relieving tenants as much as possible. In business centers, therefore, you can often rent fully furnished office space.

What is a business centre??

A business center or also called “serviced office” is and office or office building in which you can expect many office services with a high level of service. These include reception services, telephone answering and mail processing.

When to go for business centre? What is the biggest advantage?

For many tenants, being able to have full focus on the core business is perhaps the biggest advantage of renting in a business center over a multi-tenant building.

Furthermore, business centers can distinguish themselves from each other with an office concept. They then have a more distinct identity and the tenants form a community with each other. The facilities of different business centers are similar only their appearance differs. You can choose a style and atmosphere (an office concept) that suits your business or industry well.

Wondering if a business centre is for your company or organisation?

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